Five adventurers try to survive in this comedy filled Pathfinder Second Edition TTRPG campaign within the grim dark world of Tyne. Follow the show, get custom TTRPG content, and more at

First Episodes

Rotgrind - Episode 1 - A Rotten Situation

Our heroes find themselves with a choice after being thrown behind bars. Fight, or wait decades for their case to be heard.Support the show, get the PDFs of the monste...

Rotgrind - Episode 2 - The Under Dungeon

After falling from a great height, our heroes find themselves in a strange ruin. Investigating, they come across strange symbols resembling the old gods, along with so...

Rotgrind - Episode 3 - Bowl Best Served Rotten

Facing their greatest challenge yet. Our heroes survive dangerous puzzles, fiery prophecies, and a terrifying threat deep in this rot infested dungeon.

Rotgrind - Episode 4 - Times That Bind

After escaping the under dungeon. Our heroes question what binds them together as a party. Narrative Declaration Channel:

Rotgrind - Episode 5 - The Fly Merchant

The flies see all in this new episode of Rotgrind! The party encounters an eccentric merchant while following up leads against the oppressive nobles of Outset! Narrati...

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